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Welcome To Growing A Successful Business - The 101 Business Club.

Michael and the team at 101 have been building and selling businesses for almost 30 years and helping others to do the same. If you want to build your own business and a business that will produce a residual income for you and your family now and into the future, then this community is for you. In this club we share our knowledge and adventures; encourage you to shares yours and help you build that business.

Building your own business that produces a residual income for you and your family can be the biggest challenge you have ever taken, but you can do this and get that lifestyle you want and we are here to help you do it.

Michael Worthington

editor-in-chief 101 Media Group

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Thank you for joining us and our community, this is going to be exciting. Your support is vital and with out you there would be no community. Thank you for being part of a terrific group of like minded people.


Your name on our credits. (Unless you want to remain anonymous). Exclusive ‘Building a Successful Business’ content just for YOU. Early access to every video on business we produce. Wow, thank you so much for your support. We owe you some great content and videos and we aim to deliver.

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  • Don’t forget to fill in your address details in your account…
  • 101 rewards commence after the third month of pledges received.

101 Business Club is the official community of 101 supporters. You’re what makes things happen here at 101, so in return we reward you with booty! 

This is more than just a forum – hidden behind these pages is an entire community benefiting from first viewings of our videos, exclusive videos that aren’t published to the public, one-to-one communication with us where we answer all questions, from starting a business to building one that runs itself and produces a residual income for the owner. 

We share with you startegies; tools; how to create your own brands with video and podcasts (including all the equipment we use and how we use it) and exclusive interviews with those who have made it to become millionaires, in our Millionaire to Billionaire interview series. 

It costs as little as $2, less than the price of one coffee!

And for those of you who join at a higher level and give a bit more, we have some very special gifts for you as a bonus and our way of saying thank you

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