Margaret James

This week I got to talk with Margaret James about her collection of books in which culturally appropriate Fishing, Tracking and Hunting stories come to life in the exciting new Reading Tracks® learn-to-read series. There are 22 books designed for Indigenous learners, Middle School age and older. Developed collaboratively by author Margaret James with Indigenous Read More

Dr. Ray Bartell

This week I get to talk with Dr. Ray Bartell and discover his journey from high school business manager, to building schools and communities in Papua New Guinea, then back to Perth Western Australia and his new venture B2Me, community networking with purpose. Discover what drives this entrepreneur and the strategies he is employing to Read More

Len Zuks

Tryin to build your business and you find like Len that ‘Someone Always Tries To Spoil The Process’; Len’s advice – ‘Don’t Let Them’. I get the chance to vist Len at his studios and get an inside look at sculpture, painter and entrepreneur Len Zuks. Great advice and strategies on how to get the Read More