A Little About
101 Business CluB

The 101 Media Group is not just an online TV and Radio company, it is the story of how to break free from the 9-5 and run a business on your terms. It is why so many of our viewers on YouTube are just regular people who want to create their own businesses and live life on their terms.

We conciously avoid techo terminology and explain things in laymans terms. This is the real life journey of creating a business that gives you a residual income.

In short, this is a video diary of our story and those of our members, published each week on YouTube, so you can be inspired, get motivated and be supported in your journey..


The studio

In 2014 our journey into the online media world began. We built an online radio station and a complete TV studio for video production. The whole purpose was to help business owners capture the podcast and video world to create residual incomes for themselves and there families.We use Blackmagic switching equipment, 4 K cameras and a variety of software to deliver the results for our clients. In the club;(for those interested in video and podcast production) we teach you how to make total mobile studios so you can run your busness from anywhere… 

Million dollar interviews

There is a saying that says smart people learn from other peoples success, and this is what our ‘Millionaire to Billionaire’ series is all about. Interviews with everyday millionaires, not Bill gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Brandson. No, we interview the millionaire next door, the ones who have quitely achieved their success, are still growing that success and who have created residual incomes for themselves, so they keep getting paid for work they have already done.

Training & Support

As you build your business it is important to keep you own self identity, accumulate wealth for your retirement, learn how to reduce the risks in business, discover strategies, techniques and ideas to capture growth opportunities.

We know it all seem too hard and a lonely journey by yourself and in a world that is rapidly changing, how do you keep up with those changes with, customers, suppliers, digitization and security.

This community is all about helping you and your family reach your goals, your aspirations, your financial freedom. To be able to live your life the way you truely want.