Grow Your Business By Growing Your Connection With Your Customers

Sharing your story is a powerful way to connect to new and existing customers and build customer loyalty. At 101 Media Group we love crafting and sharing business stories. Through video and podcast production, we will help you engage with your prospects and clients, in a meaningful and profound way. This will convert more contacts into long-term loyal clients.

Michael Worthington

CEO with over 30 years experience in business, media and marketing.

Gerhard Stoop

Chief Strategist with international business experience.

Gary Carvolth

Dual logie award wining TV presenter and media consultant.

"Online media is a powerful way to build your brand and 101 Media Group know how to do this".
“101 Media Group are experts in Video and Podcast productions that conect you to your customers"

The 101 Media Group Story

In 2004, Michael Worthington, the CEO and founder of 101 Media Group had a vision, to build a complete online multi-media experience for clients that went beyond adwords and SEO.

Based on his many years of business experience, building and running his own companies, which included; Cleaning, computing, publishing and construction, he recognised, that the better a business can tell its story to potential clients, the better their business growth would be.

There’s a saying that nothing in this world is original, and the same can be said for media, marketing and business building. So why re-invent the wheel.

Michael took what traditional off-line media companies where doing and combining them with tried and tested business growth strategies, brought their methodologies online.

The great thing about that, was it suddenly reduced costs for business owners from thousands of dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Michael and the team; being business owners and entrepreneurs themselves, enables them to design marketing and business building strategies that have real life experience.

The multi media approach and business experience combined with the reach potential of online platforms, has turned out to be a great win win for 101 Media Group and its clients.