We are owner operators of business. We understand how business owner’s work think and act.

When you own the business, you have an advantage over your listed counterparts.  You will think long term – 10 years: not 1 year.  And you know that in your business; it is not all about business, you have a family as well.

Our knowledge and experience in leveraging the unique advantages of those who own and work in their own business, gives our clients a unique benefit when it comes to taking their business to the next level.

“Strategic Business Consultants, consulting to business owners for over 20 years”

Platinum only focuses on the owners of the business.
That translates into great advice for our clients.

Platinum helps to take businesses, and the people that own them, to the next level.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that face owning and running a business. We understand the conflicts, the opportunities, the drivers and the ways that owners in business transact and operate. By keeping our focus targeted we can give great advice.

To us, business is not just about business. Our value driver is so much more than just revenue for the next six months. The real value to us is in long-term business relationships and to find out what people really need, then we apply our expertise to make it happen


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