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ONLINE RADIO INTERVIEWS: Online (or Internet) Radio continues to grow and gain an even larger presence in the Radio World, and business owners are starting to take advantage of being interviewed on such stations.
Online Radio provides what many marketing strategies lack: a huge audience and widespread visibility to anyone with access to a computer, smartphone or tablet.
Nowadays, it is easier than ever for the business of any size to gain awareness of their product and/ or services through Online Radio

YOUTUBE VIDEO MARKETING: YouTube continues to grow and gain an even larger presence in the TV world, and business owners are starting to take advantage.
Nowadays, it is easier than ever for the business of any size to gain visibility through YouTube simply by posting videos of themselves on the internet.
Smart business owners know that video is no longer medium solely for large corporations. Any business now has the ability to market their services to millions of web users across the globe. 1.6 Billion users per month and growing!

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101 Media Group – Online Radio and Television Production and Distribution

101 Media Group owner Michael Worthington wisely recognized the future of web video and built a custom studio including a “green-screen” studio to support it, in Perth, Western Australia.

The company then joint ventured with Adam MacDonald and Drone Camera Action to become the only video production company of its kind in the area.

At the same time Michael built an online radio station 101 Business Radio to help promote their clients. (101 Business Radio on average has a cumulative listenership of 3.4 million people worldwide each month).

Our philosophy is to create the ‘Social Proofing’ that our clients ‘are the right people for the job’ using high quality video and hosting plat-forming with the latest in live streaming and internet radio promotion and search engine optimization techniques.

Combining Studio and Location Filming

By combining studio and location filming, it enables us to offer unlimited creativity when composing a video presentation. Most video studios offer basic video production and editing services. After all, these services are the building blocks of any video studio. But they are just that; building blocks.

At 101 Media Group we strive to offer services that go beyond the basics. This is why we installed a large green screen video studio, why we travel nationwide (and internationally by zoom) to shoot stunning on-location video and why we provide access to talented, professional video spokesmodels.

The Next Level – Business Television

Having your own television show is the most powerful way of getting Social Proofing you are the leader in your field and being recognised as the trusted authority in your industry. 101 Media Group can do this for you.


With our skill sets and state of the art technology, we can produce for you your own Television show that can stream not only in your home town but worldwide. We put the power of Radio and Television into your hands.


We work with organisations to help them decide the look, feel and content for their shows (a typical show is 30 minutes in length). Then we produce a branded virtual studio, agree filming dates and walk you through every step of the way to direct, produce and distribute your show worldwide.


With over 2500 shows under our belts now, we know what works and how to build your brand into your Business TV series whilst being aware of corporate brand guidelines.


We look forward to discussing your next video needs with you.


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Michael Worthington